Shipping Services

Our concierge style shopping experience makes shopping online easy and relaxing. Tell us what's on your shopping list and we'll shop for you and have your items consolidated and ship to you at home.

At the moment, we only provide shipping service from US, UK, Japan and Taiwan to Malaysia. However; if you need something from Malaysia. We will provide shipping services to you as well.

*You can buy at multiple websites and consolidate your packages for each country for free before shipping to save more.

  • Be our member, we will shop and ship to you at home. No need to register at multiple international merchants when you shop. 
  • You're free to buy from US, UK, Japan and Taiwan retailers online, wholesalers or eBay sellers. You can now shop with the many merchants who do not accept their local credit cards. 
  • Save on the cost of shipping. Most merchants do not ship internationally, those that do charge expensive shipping rates. Now, you can shop with multiple merchants and consolidate your orders. 
  • Focus on the fun bit – shopping. We buy for you and coordinate the logistics with the Merchant. 
  • Be the first to purchase online items from those leading fashion country that are yet to be released in Malaysia! 
  • Purchase items that are relatively cheaper in the those countries. 

Service Fee

To keep things simple we charge a service fee that’s a percentage of your shopping bill (the total cost of your item plus the shipping to your home).

Member Service Fee 6% or RM20 whichever is higher
Standard Service Fee 12% or RM40 whichever is higher

To enjoy our member service fee, simply shop at our site with an amount of RM300 and above to become our member.

Others Charges

Insurance keeps your purchases fully covered against loss or damage. In the event of actual loss or damage, you can recover the cost of your packages in full.

Your insurance costs 0.5% of the total charges you pay us. These 'total charges' include the item cost, domestic shipping charges, international shipping charges and our service fees. OR based on 3% of the declared item value subject to a minimum premium# of US$15 for each consignment note.

Premium and Coverage

You will have coverage of up to US$20,000. The insurance will compensate you based on:
  • Total value of your goods declared, actual value or US$20,000, whichever is lower
  • U.S. ground shipping charges
  • International shipping charges from U.S. to your destination 
The insurance excludes items that are part of a bulk shipment, agricultural products, temperature controlled or frozen foods, tiles, marbles, glass, IC chips, gems, jewellery, branded watches, money, monetary instruments, cigarette, liquor, wine, beer and the like, works of art, musical instruments and all hazardous goods.

Taxes and Duties

Because you'll be shipping internationally there may be customs and excise duties to pay on your items, Your Country's own authorities determine what you need to pay. You'll need to check the relevant organisation's website for more detailed information.

Repacking Fee

If your package is suitable for repacking, we’ll send you an email to let you know.You can choose whether you use our repacking service.

  • when the volumetric weight of your package is greater than the actual weight, or
  • when the package is damaged or unsuitable for being shipped.
Once you tell us to, our U.S. team will start processing your package. We'll recalculate your shipping and add on your repacking fee of USD$10.

Repacking adds an extra one to two working days to the delivery date for your shipment


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